I've been doing
this for a while.
Its never stopped
being fun.

People ignore design that ignores people is UX is one of my favourite UX quotes. It is a constant reminder to always put people first not backend business processes. It keeps my job interesting and new every time.

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I’m a designer with 15 years of industry experience, building UX design teams and  products. After survived the  Y2K, I decided to leave Thailand and move to Canada to explore new life and chase a new dream. While in Toronto, I’ve worked predominantly in media and finance for companies like Postmedia, Global Television, CBC and Ratehub.

In my latest roles, I’ve led and worked with teams of product and UX designers, engineers and developers for an online financial rater and iconic national public broadcaster. I’ve led product design and the delivery of user research practices, design processes and design systems for both small design teams and within large matrix organizational structures.