Feed Concept User Research

We are working on how to improve the CBC News site. In this user research, we compared the current site with the new site design. The objective was to find out about the overall impression of the new design and to identify the common thread of  which features work well or don’t work well. The research was sent out to two groups of 500 users. We received about 34% response rate. Our success measurement was at least 40% of users prefer Feed News home page.

Less crowded. Even though it has less space dedicated to content, it’s more visually appealing.

The overall, the feed performed better than the current site. Each site has its own strength. Here’s some current features that are well received:

  • Layout: easier to understand
  • Readability and scanability
  • Fewer image
  • Navigation is exposed
  • Clear content hierarchy
  • The page looks more news like

The feed site did very well in the layout which is clean and less clutter, however, it had a lower response in the content hierarchy area.

We have iterated the feed design based on these findings.  We kept the key part of the current site plus adopting the clean and clear approach.

I like the cleaner look I read the old version all the time and find I sometimes get irritated that the articles are so small and the font is small. This new design seems to eliminate that.

We continue to do more testing. This was just one of the early feedback we learned.

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