Review – Haze, Product Designer

This is a review from Haze, a Product Designer at, Canada’s leading financial comparison platform. Haze was a Director of Marketing at Ratehub who transitioned her career to a Product Designer. 

Provide examples that describe Ning’s best self.
Ning is enthusiastic about design – she is excited about the latest design trend and is quick with sharing articles and information with the team.

She always has great motivating energy and a positive attitude – Ning’s energy is infectious, she brings optimism and joyfulness to work just for being herself.

She’s also a big advocate for design thinking – she’s dedicated to making sure people are collaborating and doing design sprint where stakeholders are all part of the process.

She’s generous in sharing her knowledge and is genuinely serious about her team’s professional development – Ning has invested time and energy to ensure her team is constantly learning new things and is always sharing her own experiences whether it is a research method or visual design techniques.

Describe Ning’s characteristics and behaviours when Ning was at her best.
[kinda similar to the previous question] Ning is enthusiastic about design. She always has great motivating energy and a positive attitude. She’s also a big advocate for design thinking, doing the right things and has tons of experience in this field. She’s generous in sharing her knowledge. She is genuine and serious about her team’s professional development.

What strengths and advantages did Ning offer in the examples you mentioned?
Ning’s strength is the energetic presence, which is motivating and positive. It’s something that not many leaders have. Ning is also patient and nurturing. She encourages you to find your own answer and believe in your design. In doing so, she is patient with her approach and is always kind with her feedback. This speaks to her being naturally empathetic and kind, which is essential for a UX professional and also a leader in general. She also has tons of experience in the field and you get a sense that she’s done it all so she has leadership in knowledge and again she’s an advocate on educating others.

What about Ning inspired you or others?
Ning’s positive energy is inspiring because she keeps up that attitude no matter how busy or tired she is. She’s humble and generous as well, so that’s something rare especially in someone who is so experienced. Her kindness is also inspiring because Ning was one of the most considerate and genuine people I’ve met throughout my career.

How did Ning bring out the best from other individuals and institutions?
She empowers and believes in you while being empathetic. To be empathetic it means that she also is a good listener and makes you feel comfortable. Being able to create a comfortable and trusting environment is essential in bringing out the best from the team you work with or manage. And she never fails to light up a room with her laughter and humour.

What’s Ning’s leadership style in one word? Provide examples that describe Ning’s leadership style and approach.
Nurturing. I think she is seriously invested in her own personal growth and also her team’s growth. I got a feeling that this was the most important aspect for her when she was leading the UX team at Ratehub.

How did Ning shape and influence you? What was the impact Ning has on you?
Ning has made my onboarding into UX world and my career change (from a Director of Marketing to a Product Designer) painless. I was always encouraged to explore and try different approaches and I was never told to do a certain thing without having investigate it myself. That probably took some patience for Ning to stand by without meddling when I was so new. But honestly, I think Ning’s positive attitude and joyous self was most impactful because her personality left a mark with everyone she worked with. It’s like you can’t be a downer in her presence and it’s important for team morale.

What did you remember about Ning? Describe the situation, experience, and outcomes.
Similar to the above. I think when I first started I didn’t always know what I was doing, and Ning has been very patient and a great teacher for me. I learned a lot from the workshop we had and the design sprint training we did.

Haze Kwok
Product Designer,