Review – Jamie, Product Manager

This is a review from Jamie, a Product Manager, Credit Card & Banking Team at, Canada’s leading financial comparison platform.

Provide examples that describe Ning’s best self.
Ning’s best self is when she is bringing energy into a room. Ning has a way to inspire the people around her just with her enthusiasm for what she’s working on and what we’re all trying to achieve together which is infectious. Ning is also one of the hardest working people I’ve met – A good example where she shows both is a time I worked with her and we were short-staffed with a few huge projects coming up that couldn’t be deferred. Ning worked around the clock, including long beyond regular business hours, to get them done to the quality needed. Despite this, she was nothing but enthusiastic, positive and energetic when in the office

Describe Ning’s characteristics and behaviours when Ning was at her best.
Ning’s always positive and high energy when she’s at her best. She’s rolling her sleeves up to tackle what needs to be done but doing it with a smile on her face and helping keep one on those around her. The above example is a perfect one to illustrate this, despite the stress she was under and the hours she was working she never stopped helping increase the energy and motivation of everybody else in the room.

What strengths and advantages did Ning offer in the examples you mentioned?
Ning’s biggest strength shown above, beyond her ability to get the job done, is how much she inspires others. It was crunch time and everybody had to work a little harder and on things slightly outside of their comfort zone so morale can be an issue in a situation like that, however, Ning’s ability to inspire meant it was never a concern. She led the way and everybody chipped in to get us to where we needed to be.

What about Ning inspired you or others?

Definitely her energy and enthusiasm. As mentioned, Ning works incredibly hard, but she also has an enthusiasm that really inspires you to work hard, also. It means a lot in a workplace environment to work on a product you can be passionate about, and you can’t be passionate about a product if other people are not, but Ning always remained passionate about what we worked on.

How did Ning bring out the best from other individuals and institutions?

Ning is a very thoughtful and very empathetic person who is always very aware of the needs of those around her and this was very clear in watching her manage her team. This makes her very adaptable when it comes to bringing out the best from others, she’s very aware of exactly who needs an arm around the shoulder and who needs to be given a push. I know her team all loved working under her for this reason and it showed in the quality of work that would be produced.

Jamie Costello

Product Manager,