Review – Kenny, Senior Product Manager

This is a review from Kenny, a Senior Product Manager at, Canada’s leading financial comparison platform.

Provide examples that describe Ning’s best self.
I remember when I first joined the company, I had no idea what is going on and needed a lot of contexts to catch up to the project what the team is doing. Ning spent extra effort in putting on-boarding documents for me and spending a lot of time with me to make sure I was going to be able to catch up on the projects.

I also remember when Ning has a lot of things going on, she definitely had too much on her plate, but knowing how important it is, she did not complain but just pressed through to get it done with a positive attitude.

Describe Ning’s characteristics and behaviours when Ning was at her best.

  • People leader – Ning is an extremely inspiring person that her team loves to follow her and have a lot of respect for her.
  • Mentorship – Ning spends time challenging her peers and reports and I can see the passion in her when she was leading the team. She was always looking out for the best of her team in getting them training, pushing them to do a project together that would also benefit the company, and spending time with them.
  • Humility – She celebrates success while working in the background (that I’ve seen behind the scenes with her team) all with her team together.
  • Fun – you know it’s always such a great time when she’s around with that infectious smile of hers.

What strengths and advantages did Ning offer in the examples you mentioned?

  • Caring
  • Mentorship
  • Humility
  • Team player

What about Ning inspired you or others?

Her humility and caring for others really make you feel like you’re part of the team. She also constantly strives to be better which is so inspiring and encourages me to be better.

How did Ning bring out the best from other individuals and institutions?

Her time and expertise brought out the best in her team in mentoring them. Her constant desire to be better and trying to be better creates a culture of continuous improvement within our team.

Kenny Ng

Senior Product Manager,