Review – Sam, Senior Manager

This is a review from Sam, Senior Manager, OTT Harmonization, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


Provide examples that describe Ning’s best self.

  • While we were building the feed for CBC, Ning was able to think innovatively and offer several different design solutions.
  • Ning was able to turn around new design options very quickly based on feedback from the team, audience or stakeholders.
  • Ning would often collaborate with members of the team and stakeholders to get their input and feedback.

Describe Ning’s characteristics and behaviours when Ning was at her best.

  • Ning is outgoing and easy to get along with.
  • She is able to build strong relationships with her teammates, peers, and stakeholders.
  • These strong relationships allowed Ning to work quickly, collaboratively and get buy-in easily.
  • Ning would always welcome feedback. She didn’t appear to take the feedback personally, which meant that everyone was willing to offer feedback early and often throughout the project.

What strengths and advantages did Ning offer in the examples you mentioned?

  • Innovative thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy for the audience and/or stakeholders
  • Clearly understood the business objectives and was able to translate them into design
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Research-driven design

What about Ning inspired you or others?

  • Ning’s creativity inspired me. I was always astonished at how she could take a business objective or audience problem and turn it into a creative design solution.
  • Ning’s desire to constantly learn and improve herself is also inspiring.

How did Ning bring out the best from other individuals and institutions?

  • Because of Ning’s infectious personality, she built strong relationships with many people at CBC. These relationships allowed her to bridge gaps and break down barriers between teams and departments, across a very large organization.
  • Ning was a great mentor to more junior members of the teams she was a part of.
  • She is patient, kind and welcoming, which makes people comfortable approaching her and collaborating with her.

Sam Lightowler
Senior Manager, OTT Harmonization
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation